Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Amarkantak and Jabalpur Trek On 2010

Really it’s an unique concepts of an adventure treks which one organized by the direct involvements of the skilled trekkers of YHAI’s Jabalpur unit in MP state. Where YHAI provides all night camping equipments and given up-right to all participants who will fix scheduled activities and works accordingly the guidance of the organizers. Here a detailed chart how did we starts and close’s successfully our treks. Actually this trek began as we just finished our reporting on a scheduled time. Programs start on 25th oct2010 and ends on 31st oct2010.

1st Day, 25.10.2010, Monday; advised to report at Jabalpur YH & sightseeing tour

Trekkers during tent pitching demonstration.As all 47 participants are finished to report at Jabalpur youth hostel near Ranital Stadium by 08.00hr, organizer’s were arranged tazzaa tazzaa purie, sooji kaa uppmaa & sabzee with bhindi aloo curry,  jeelleebiee, fried rice & a lots for us as breakfast & pack lunch. By 10.30am everything was ready including demonstration of tent pitching training by vishalji (sect), a short introduction about the history of evolution Madhya Pradesh & Jabalpur City by sampad basu dada( chairman), total trek group leads pilot Mr. Sanjay Yadavji & even co-lecturer by hiramathji.

The bus had leave by 10.45am after a well blessed symbolic style (lal tilak) impression by Vishalji to all trekkers inside the bus. Actually the bus journey is meant for local sightseeing at Jabalpur. Before the journey flagship our YHAI Jabalpur unit chairman Mr. Sampad Basu told about the Jabalpur is an ancient and historical city of temples, pilgrims, marble rocks and enchanting waterfalls, which has referenced about the mythological epics of our legendary volume RAMAYANA. It was also the center point of Hayhaya dynasty and also the capital of Gond Kingdoms during the 12th century. Jabalpur also later ruled by the Kalchuri Kingdom. Still today most of unknown about the center points of India. Actually the centre point of india is situated at the Manohar gram near karondi at a approximately 63km distance from Jabalpur. 

Madan Mahal Fort at JabalpurBalance rock, at madanmahal fort.Shivji Ka Temple at Jabalpur, MP.During our Jabalpur sightseeing tour we start from shivbhakti darshan kee sath, from kachnnar temple, the temple is founded on a naked open air auditorium.

After the Kachnar Shivjikaa area darshan, we proceed towards the balance rock, tortoise rock & Madan Mahal Fort site. By the 2.00pm we cover most of points at Jabalpur, and then proceeds to Rani Durgavati’s Samadhisthal (cemetery) for a perfect lunch before pack up to see Bargi dam and cruise ride at Maikal Lake. At last we stayed at lameheta ghat.

Tortois Rock at Jabalpur, MP

2nd day Tuesday (26thoct 2010) from Lameeta Ghat to new Bheraghat. 

Just after the sunrise as per our scheduled plan we repacked our tent & kits starts a cool move towards new Bheraghat. As most of the trekkers were too worried for view the majestic scenery of marvel rocks, Dhuandhaar water falls, besides it boating at Narmada basins under the marvel curves, sightseeing which includes Chausathi Yogini temple and Panchavati even marketing of marvel stones artistry products from the local basement market. After all the total trek is too limited i:e 6km only. The trek also pack of full amazing scene we passes just bank side of river Narmada. Actual this day is the actual 1st day trek which one base as river banks trek, 101% chances to use water body as fun & Fonda. After a lots of activities at last night stay near the ropeways footsteps and just behind the Duandhar water fall.

Marble Rocks, Jabalpur, M.P.
Chausathi Yogini Temple, Jabalpur, M.P

Marble Rocks at Jabalpur, M.P.
Dhaun Dhar Waterfalls, Jabalpur, MP

3rd day (27.10.2010 Wednesday) left Jabalpur and proceeds to Amarkantak via GHUGHWA national fossils park.

Actually the 3rd day journey is its self a Legendry trips for the all trekkers, because of its distance and our mostly time-pass through wayside carom, close-up Antaakhyariee (hosted by Sushma singh’& Kavya Bhatt, Mumbai) & boring Bhaangaraa’s on every two hrs bus journey. About 267km which was too bored to any one who’re inside the bus,while by car trip with Vishalji they also enjoyed a lot but one thing is the seating arrangements which are done by the management was truly innovative. During the bus trip before reached to at GHUGHWA national parks (which were scheduled to be the lunch point) our close-up Antaakhyari programme goes & goes on till we in touch up our night destination sonmura waterfall point at Amarkantak region. This place is the birth place of soon river which one flown-up via Chattisgarh, Bihar & West Bengal at last kissing up to River Ganga then finally at bay of Bengal.

4th day (28.10.2010 Thursday) the real trek starts from Sonmura (monkey bite) point to Mai kaa Mandap (handiee kundie) Waterfall.

The real adventurous trek of Jabalpur unit starts from today’s onward. While the Jabalpur trek is based on the sights seeing points of view, at that time this Amarkantak tour is based on the packs thrill, horror, journey through the waterfalls, dams, passes through the tribal villages, enjoys various types of jungle fruits, discovers & identifies a lots of herbal plants & spices, well close-ups through flora & fauna etc.4th days trek is based on 10km walks only via Amarkantak bio-diversity protected social forest up to the ecological troposphere cum nature trail route of Amarkantak forestry range division. As our trek schedule was designed to report by 3.30pm, but due to the most experienced participation of trekkers we completed this 10km trek just with in 3.20hr. We leave Sonmora waterfall point by 9.20am & reached at our scheduled destination (Maiee kaa Mandap) by 12.40pm. This early reporting was helps us to enjoys a lots of water fun at handiee kundiee waterfall.

5th day (Friday 29-10-2010) trek to Sambhu-dharaa via Amarkantak sightseeing

Truly treks a little & enjoys the nature’s too lot, this the themes of 5th day trek. After a sound pack lunch and colorant photographic sessions by the trekkers, all were goodbye to Maaiee kaa Mandap forever & entered of breath taking pleasant atmosphere of Anuppur social forestry mountain range via Mandrie peak. Before the lunch point (the ultimate Mahasnaan kund of Narmada) we try to covers most of adjoined places of interests like Pancharatna and other countless places of Amarkantak. After the lunch we finally overlapped the worlds heaviest statue of Mahaveer Jain’s Adinath Jain Mandir (which construction work under progress since 1992 to 2017). It also named in the books of world record.

Mata Narmada

Jain Temple at Amarkantak

6th days trek program from Shambhudhara to Kapildharaa (final and hard trek about 18km via 5 waterfalls).

Our last night camping destination is really unbelievable. After the Amarkantak sightseeing tour by trek-up mode then again we transferred up to protected forest area, where is our night camping had fixed.

This place is famous for its Eco-tourism and bio-diversity points of view. Most of jungle (wild) animals, birds even path finder’s were come here due to sources of water. Yes from here Eco-trails had developed. Which one passes through five waterfalls? Likely a) shambhudharraa b) laxmandhaarraa c) paanchdhaarraa d) doodh dhaarraa & finally e) kapildhaarraaa.

Laxman dhara at Amarkantak, MP

Dhuan dhar waterfall, Amarkantak, Jabalpur, MP.

Picture’s from the different waterfall points 13 whenever we pass through the nature trails route from shambhu dharra to kapil dhaarraaa.

Boating at Narmada River

Roapway at Dhuandhar water falls, Jabalpur
Finally we get-together at Amarkantak village nearer, to our trek guide Mangal Singh at village Kapildharaa. After distribution of garmaa garaam shamoosha and spl masalla tea. The dinner session had started just after the valedictory ceremony and certificate distribution among the trekker’s. Then all were ready for a final campfire….. At last we good bye to Amarkantak….. Move forward to our destination Ranital youth hostel at Jabalpur.